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What Parents Want for Their Child

Are you like most parents looking for a program that instills life skills along with child development? Do you want your child to increase their listening skills as they become more independent.  As a parent we know you want your child to be equipped with the tools to be a leader


Parents Want To Reduce Screen Time

We know parents are balancing screen time with activity for their children. Parents feel the time spent in front of a screen other than Digital Learning could be better spent being more physically active.

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It's NOT Just About Karate

Its been over 30 years we have served the Appleton and surrounding areas. Parents especially love the leadership life-skills lessons such as being a first time listener, making the right choices and to not quit.

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It Can Be Frustrating To Be a Teenager Today

We know teenagers are extremely smart but may be prone to risky behavior. During this COVID-19 time, they may feel cut off from their friends.  They may be missing out on some of their physical activities.  Are you looking for a fitness activity while your teen develops good decision-­making skills when under pressure?

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Why Wait Until Tomorrow

Are you like most adults working from home and need to find a physical activity? Have you always wanted to train in Martial Arts for years?  Would you like to learn Self-Defense in a safe environment with proper social distance?

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Karate Birthday Parties

A birthday party for your child like no other party they ever had before!

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Soto's Martial Arts goal is to offer the highest level of Martial Arts for children, teens and adults. We know learning is important for growth and improvement.  We are dedicated to helping everyone succeed.

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